The World Congress will include

  1. Cultural activities from around the world – including local Berlin-based performers and artistes.
  2. Possibilities for NGOs and other partners to hold side meetings and workshops
  3. A ‘Market stalls’ area
  4. IPB Triennial Assembly – main gathering for members and partners: Oct 3rd

Final Statement

An international congress declaration is intended and will be carefully prepared some time in advance, with input from the Preparatory events.

Sustainability of the Congress/Follow Up

Regarding the long-term impact and sustainability of the World Congress, we aim at enhancing cooperation at international and national levels. Several avenues are proposed:

  • Through greater involvement in the annual GDAMS (Global Day of Action on Military Spending).
  • Intense online and offline evaluation and reporting of contributions, including book production.
  • The establishment of an international observer group of scientists, Nobel laureates and peace advocates who monitor military spending and international militarization from a critical perspective, as well as issuing warnings and raising their voices in the media (watchdog function).