Structures of the organisational work:

  1. an international programme committee, dealing with the programmatic work, consisting of Ingeborg Breines, Reiner Braun, Colin Archer, Corazon Fabros, Nathalie Gauchet, Joseph Gerson, Paul Lansu, Dave Webb, Erhard Crome, Stephanie Mendes Candido and Patrick Nickisch.
  2. an international preparatory committee, responsible for the fundamental strategic and organizational issues, chaired by the two IPB Co-Presidents.
  3. a local preparatory committee in Berlin, chaired by Lucas Wirl (INES, NatWiss).
  4. Other preparatory bodies such as a media group are to be developed in the course of preparation.

Initial meetings of these groups were held in Berlin on June 23rd and Sept 1st and in Padova on Oct. 22nd 2015, more are following soon.

For contact to one of the preparatory committes please contact: